Security Reaction Officer - Tharisa Minerals

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Security Reaction Officer - Tharisa Minerals

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The Security Reaction Officer is responsible for the accountability for the management of the site in the absence of the senior on site. To perform the senior site’s duties in his/her absence

Role Context

  • Render a specialised operational support and assistance function during intelligence driven operations
  • Stabilise serious crime incidents
  • Combat public violenc
  • Supervise and control Public Order Policing events
  • Direct and monitor crime operations/projects and combat serious and violent crimes
  • Administer generic Public Order Policing support and administration
  • Supervise and utilise human, financial, physical and information resources
  • Manage the smooth day-to-day running of the relevant unit to ensure profitability
  • The Protection Services Reaction officer must peruse/check the Occurrence Book in the control centre daily and sign it off. Occurrence Book must be signed when visiting sites
  • Posting sheets to be signed off daily. Ensure security officers are posted on site according to the customer agreements/contacts
  • Security Reaction officers must check the attendance register when visiting the site. All Officers shall sign the Register when reporting and after completing a shift
  • The instruction book to be perused/checked by the Protection Services Reaction Officer and signed by all staff
  • Assist with the checking of personal belongings, making sure that all personal belongings are checked. If for some reason a security officer’s personal belongings are not checked, this should be mentioned in the Occurrence Book. The Security Reaction Officer must make sure that a note is made of the fact the personal belongings are checked in the Occurrence Book
  • Assist in checking the Inventory list with items on site. Check all equipment is in working order. Special attention must be given to radios, torches and clocks



  • Over weekends and after hours the Security Reaction Officer should sign for the equipment if it is correct, if not a note must be made in the Occurrence Book
  • Check that all the security officers sign the attendance register correctly. Discuss these with the senior on site and ask whether the Protection Services Manager would require any specific action
  • Check the instruction book for any new instructions; if necessary clarify with the senior on site
  • Check the turnout of the shift. Ensure to note any improper dress to be corrected. Complete the Rank Specification Report, on time report and the correct turnout report
  • Give the security officers their specific instructions. Enter their names and posts in the Occurrence Book
  • Ensure they are correctly turned out before going on patrol
  • Ensure each security officer record the time and post in their notebooks
  • Make sure all the security officers of the shift know exactly what is required of them in terms of the Post Description
  • Check and monitor the security officer’s performance and correct any areas, which need improving. If necessary, train members on the shift who are not performing well, by giving them clear guidance. Be sure to inform the senior on site if nay security officer is not performing up to standard
  • Rotate the security officers to ensure they are not in one position too long. If necessary, brief them on changing situations as informed by the previous shift
  • If possible patrol around the site, gathering information so that you are fully aware should your guards whilst on patrol are not reporting, as they should. Correct security officers who do not patrol or report correctly
  • Brief and send the security officers out on patrol encouraging them to check for information related to the prevention, detection and countering of an activity or actions that are visible or audible
  • On the return from patrol of security, officers make sure they should be questioned and debriefed on what information they have recorded in their notebooks
  • Decide what information should be recorded in the Occurrence Book, what should be passed onto the next security officers to be monitored and what should be reported to the Control Centre.
  • Discuss and encourage security officers on the quality of information brought back from a patrol
  • Check or send a security officer to check on the state of doors, windows and gates to ensure their conditions correspond with the information received
  • Test on your security officers and correct any weak areas of performance. Inform the senior on site should certain area keep on repeating itself
  • Ensure the security officers are given their tea and lunch breaks as laid down for the site
  • Brief visiting managers on any relevant information, which you may have recorded
  • Maintain contact with the Control Centre
  • Get to know your security officers and take note of any problems, which the senior on site may be able to help with
  • Discipline any security officer who needs unacceptable behaviour to be corrected. Fill out the necessary forms informing the security officers of the need for action to be taken as well as what action to expect
  • Write out any reports which may be necessary relating to information gathered during the shift
  • Make a note of nay important entries the senior on site may have to act on
  • Highlight any possible instruction Book entries or point out any entries made during the shift.
  • Clean the Control Centre or Site Office and ensure all equipment and stationery are up to date
  • Prepare for a proper and controlled take over at shift change
  • Ensure your security officers sign off in the Attendance Register
  • Ensure all the Occurrence Book entries are up to date and the reports are available for the senior on site or next Shift Leader
  • Hand over to the next shift
  • Assist with the checking of the incoming and outgoing security officers’ personal belongings. Ensure all your security officers’ bags are checked
  • Ensure all your security officers have checked their own personal belongings
  • Brief your security officers on their success or failure during the shift encouraging them to produce quality work
  • Make sure that if any of your security officers have to stand fast it is the person who y2.4ou have pre-arranged to. It assists the security officers to plan their private lives if you can on a monthly basis nominate security officers to stand fast at the beginning of the month
  • As a Shift Leader, you should take responsibility for the quality of service your security officers supply to the customer whilst you and your shift are on site
  • Late for duty, absent without leave, bad turnout, lack of co-operation is all signs of bad leadership
  • The success of a good leader is based on deciding what is required to achieve that which will help you and your security officers to succeed. Then you have to plan how you are going to achieve your aim. Make sure that you and your security officers are prepared to commit yourself to achieving the highest possible standard
  • The Standard should be based on giving the customer quality service by meeting the Protection Services requirements as stated in the Post Descriptions
  • The Security Reaction Officer must support his/her senior on Site and ensures that all the security officers from the various shifts form part of one team on the site


Minimum Requirements


  • Grade 12
  • Certificate in supervisory development preferably in Public Order Policing and Tactical Response Team
  • PSIRA Grade A certificate
  • Firearm competency certificate



Job-specific experience:

  • Computer Literacy
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Experience in managing an Electronic Room, CCTV, Digital Security Systems, Biometric system.
  • Minimum of five years’ experience in supervisory role of two year in a Mining Environment

Inherent requirement

Must be medically fit

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