Digital Change Manager - KFC

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Digital Change Manager - KFC

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Your focus will be on driving cultural change, ensuring seamless integration of digital solutions, and optimizing the digital customer experience. As a change agent, you will work closely with cross-functional teams and stakeholders to achieve the following successful digital change outcomes:

  • Program Plans
  • Project Status
  • Key Meeting Agendas and follow-ups
  • Roadmap using the project prioritisation method introduced
  • Vendor RFP assessments
  • Portfolio Capacity Management
  • Change Management
  • Training & Operationalization
  • Release Management (Go/No-Go)

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop Change Management Plan and manage cadences for updates /  steering committee meetings etc for New digital projects, Channel Support and restaurant tech
  • Align program plans with the stakeholders and ensure the projects go-live timelines are met
  • Identify key stakeholders for all workstreams
  • Agree on the format/template of reporting and the scheduling with KFC



  • Schedule project update meetings and steering committee
  • Work with each workstream to get project updates and highlight any program risks 
  • Working closely with Operations and Digital to ensure new project implementation, capacity management, RSC Change Management and Staff Training to reach and ensure the business goal of 100% Digital by 2026 which includes the following eCom landscape:
    • Own Channel Delivery: Orders captured through the owned web, app or chat, whether the last mile is serviced through the owned or 3P fleet
    • Aggregator Delivery: Orders captured and delivered through aggregators
    • Channel Click and Collect: Order captured through the owned web, app or chat; picked up in restauranst, drive thru, curbside, etc
    • Kiosk
    • Drive-thru: Drive-thru with unique customer identifier capture or dynamic DMB offering personalization/upsell, or voice AI on the speaker box
    • Front Counter: With unique customer identifier capture
  • Digital transformation strategy:
    • Collaborate with senior management to define the digital transformation strategy and objectives for KFC Africa
    • Develop a clear roadmap for implementing digital initiatives, considering the organization's overall goals and vision
  • Change management planning:
    • Assess the impact of digital initiatives on the organization, employees, and customers
    • Develop comprehensive change management plans, including communication strategies, training programs, and stakeholder engagement activities
  • Stakeholder Engagement:
    • Identify and engage key stakeholders, including leadership teams, department heads, and employees, to gain buy-in and support for digital change initiatives
    • Communicate the benefits and importance of digital transformation, addressing concerns and resistance effectively
  • Change Communication:
    • Develop and deliver clear and consistent communication materials to keep stakeholders informed of digital changes, updates, and progress
    • Create communication plans that target different audience groups and channels
  • Training and Development:
    • Design and implement training programs to equip employees with the necessary skills and knowledge to embrace and effectively use digital technologies
    • Provide ongoing support to ensure successful adoption and proficiency
  • Change Readiness and Adoption:
    • Monitor the readiness and adoption of digital changes, collecting feedback and data to assess the effectiveness of change management efforts
    • Identify areas for improvement and make necessary adjustments to ensure successful outcomes
  • Cultural Transformation:
    • Foster a culture of digital innovation, collaboration, and continuous improvement throughout the organization
    • Lead by example in embracing digital technologies and encouraging a digital-first mindset
  • Risk Management
    • Identify potential risks and challenges related to digital change implementation and proactively develop risk mitigation strategies
    • Manage the full Go / No Go Calendar and Cycle and chair the meeting with the CDO, COO, CTO 


  • All Key ideas and core decisions to be consulted with the COO, CDO, CTO and the Head of Product Delivery and Support. However on a day to day the interaction could include KFC Africa Staff, Senior management and Leadership; Franchisees; Product Manager; Operations Manager/Specialist; Delivery Excellence Manager; BI Manager; Marketing team; IT team, H/W and S/W vendors, Technology/Digital vendors; Yum!/YRI global teams; Digital and Marketing Agencies

Working Model

  • Work from home is possible however 70% should be on site as we stabilise the teams



A minimum of 8 years of experience in the following project management capabilities:

  • Scope Management
    • Scope and Document Accordingly
    • Define Change Control Approach
    • Monitor and Manage Change
  • Quality Management
    • Develop Quality Plan
    • Define Inspection Plan
    • Conduct Reviews
    • Management Capabilities
    • Monitor and Confirm Quality
  • Cost Management
    • Develop Budget Models
    • Plan Project Resource Allocation
    • Manage Contract
    • Monitor Actual vs. Planned Spending
  • Stakeholder Management
    • Identify Stakeholders
    • Develop Engagement Plan
    • Conduct Communications with Stakeholders
  • Risk and Issue Management
    • Identify Risks and Issues
    • Analyze Impact
    • Quantify and Qualify
    • Mitigate Risks and Address Issues
  • Time Management
    • Define Schedule Management Process Integrate all Schedules
    • Identify Deviations and Actions Revise Status Periodically



Knowledge and Skills

  • Value enabler
  • Proactive digital change management
  • Goes beyond simple project management and delves into the world of uncovering unknowns and driving outcomes
    • Connecting the Dots across the Enterprise
    • Supporting Issue Resolution
    • Change Capability
    • Uncovering Unknowns
    • Introducing Consistency
    • Managing Delivery Volatility
    • Driving Outcomes
  • Enabling the business to meet strategic objectives and yield targeted outcomes
    • Digital Change Management through the BU PMO and business
    • Focused Change Tools
      • Scope
      • Time
      • Cost
      • Quality
      • Documentation
      • Knowledge
      • Resources Procurement
      • Communication
      • Risks
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