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Are you looking for a job as a cleaner in South Africa? Here's what you need to know!

If you’re looking for a job as a cleaner in South Africa, it might be tempting to apply to any job you find. However, there are some things you should know before applying – especially since all jobs aren’t created equal!

Here are the things to consider before you apply to be a cleaner in South Africa.

Who should apply?

Before you decide whether a cleaning career is right for you, it helps to think about who should work in such a field. A key question to ask yourself is why do I want to be a cleaner?



If your answer involves anything besides making money, then cleaning may not be for you. Cleaning jobs are often difficult and unrewarding, with long hours and low pay.

What experience is needed?

Most companies expect candidates with cleaning experience, but we’ve found that new recruits without any formal education can still succeed in their new roles. The key is commitment and having a willingness to learn. Anybody who takes pride in their work and has strong attention to detail will be successful.

In fact, some of our best cleaners were people who initially came from other careers, such as domestic staff or construction workers. They all have one thing in common – they love cleaning and take pleasure from working hard.

How much do cleaners earn in South Africa?

One of our most popular searches on Jobs24 is for cleaners. If you're also interested in finding out how much cleaners earn, read on. It's a surprisingly complex question and there are several factors that come into play when answering it. It all depends on your skills, experience and location.

Tips on how to get hired faster!

If you’re eager to get hired as quickly as possible, there are things you can do that will likely help your cause.

First and foremost, get contact information: Have them put your contact information at or near the top of their decision tree so that it’s one of their first impressions when they start going through applicants. Show up early.



Where are the best places to look for these jobs?

In person, your best bet is to search in offices around town, malls and other public places. It’s also worth Googling (and asking around). While it’s unlikely that someone will be actively hiring, ads usually appear on this website, so there’s a good chance you’ll come across something.

Interested persons should:

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Interested persons should:

Click Here for available cleaning and housekeeping jobs in South Africa

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