Job Interviews : 7 Things To Do To Stay Sane While Waiting For A Feedback After Job Interview

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7 things to do to stay sane while waiting for a feedback after job interview

7 Things To Do To Stay Sane While Waiting For A Feedback After Job Interview

Job Interviews

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A little description on how i once felt. I felt time was static. Every hour is a second, every week is a month and every month is a year. Believe me, that is just the beginning friends. The doubt in yourself kicks in as time goes on. Followed by frustration and more. An article on this topic will drop in soon but for now let's talk about what you should do when you are waiting to hear from an interview.

Let's drop it like while it's hot.


  • First, keep on searching

No matter how well your interview went, no matter how perfectly suited for the job you are and no matter how enthusiastic your interviewers appeared to be about your candidacy, never assume that you have the job in the bag. Even if positive signs seem to be raining down upon you, a better candidate could emerge, the CEO's nephew might need a job, they might freeze hiring altogether – and all sorts of other things could prevent you from getting an offer.

Until you actually have an offer, don't count on getting any particular job. Keep on searching just as actively as you would have if you knew you weren't getting this job – because if you don't get it, you don't want to have wasted weeks waiting for it when you could have been talking with other employers.


  • Send a follow-up email

If you've waited long enough that you feel compelled to get some feedback, it's okay to call or email the hiring manager and say something along the lines of "I haven't heard from you in a while, so I'm calling to check on whether you have filled the position I interviewed for yet." Then let them take it from there. If you find out that the position is still open and you're still being considered, try to learn when a final decision is expected. Then call on that day (or soon after) to find out about their choice.



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  • Find a book to get lost in

This is a great time to pick up a book (or two or three) that you always meant to read or go find a new one. Don’t forget the local library for some old-fashioned browsing pleasure and maybe a conversation or two with others also waiting to hear back!


  • Find a hobby

A calmer person is much better at riding out a long wait … but also a better job hunter and interviewee. So is there anything you always wanted to try but somehow never got around to? Fun things. Painting. Writing science fiction. Acting. Puppetry. Puzzles. Knitting (yes, even men). Yoga. Tennis. Guitar. Soccer. This is a chance to get lost in something that will help soothe the frustration and also add a new dimension to you. Might even lead  to new networking contacts.


  • Work on your health

What a perfect time to accomplish something that helps you feel and look better. Start a healthier eating plan. Take up meditation. Begin daily walks or jogging or any kind of aerobic exercise you enjoy. Sign up for (or use) a gym membership if you can afford it. If not, look for things that you can add to your day that help keep those endorphins flowing. Job search can be depressing. Movement and working on things that make you feel better can help in all kinds of ways – even how you feel when you get to the next interview.



  • Start a blog

A blog can serve at least two purposes. You can simply build a site from scratch about something that you really enjoy and that alone will keep you busy and perhaps even open up paths for your future.  Or you can create a blog related to your field that strengthens your online presence and will serve as a site to which you can point people, to help your career now as well as later on.


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  • Don’t beat yourself up, and be ready to move on

There are several reasons why you may not have heard back right away – there’s been a re-organization in the company, they’re interviewing other candidates, there’s been a new product launch, the hiring manager’s time is diverted to a project with a tight deadline and so on. So cut yourself some slack if you haven’t heard back from them within the stipulated time-frame. If you do hear back and it’s not favorable news, try to get some feedback on your candidature. If you ask nicely, many hiring managers do share honest feedback and their tips can help you prepare for your next interview.

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